Charlie Armstrong - is a very successful singer and songwriter, originally from the Caribbean.

At first he started singing in the church; Charlie had his first gospel concert when he was only 12 years old.

His music career began when he was 16 and was working as an MC in the night clubs of Amsterdam and Rotterdam. After that, he started travelling around the world, performing in numerous clubs and improving his jazz and soul skills, as well as experimenting with blues and funk. His creative work has been influenced by many singers, such as Lionel Richie, Mahalia Jackson, Barry White, James Brown and, of course, his grandfather – the great Louis Armstrong.

Today Charlie Armstrong is a successful singer, songwriter and producer. His unique voice and sense of rhythm allow him to experiment with completely different musical styles. It was his impeccable execution of classical jazz that brought him to fame.

Mr. Armstrong was named the №1singer in Cannes, Monaco and in St Tropez. His career developed rapidly and he was awarded with the special award - "the Voice of Saint-Tropez". The Mayor of the city himself presented this award to the musician.

The singer often performed at clubs in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. In Belgium Charlie took part in several TV shows, and also worked at many private events.

Before being invited to Russia, Charlie Armstrong had been living in Saint-Tropez for 7 years. After his third trip to Russia, he was finally convinced that he wanted to continue working in this country. He literally fell in love with Moscow and, fortunately, the feeling was mutual - the musician has become one of the most popular and sought after singers in the Russian capital.

Mr. Armstrong’ performances were a revelation for the true connoisseurs of jazz. His jazz program was performed not only at the most famous places in Moscow, but also in many other Russian cities.

In September of 2013 he presented his program, named «Soul Gangster's Paradise» - a collaboration with the famous American rapper Coolio - in a popular Moscow club «Gipsy», and the show was a great success!

In Moscow Charlie Armstrong got to know some other talented performers and received many offers to work together on different creative projects. At the moment, his latest collaboration is the song called «Break it», written with the world famous DJ Smash. In February of 2014 was released a music video for this track, which became a sensation, and got more than 280,000 views on YouTube during the first month! It has already been called the summer anthem of break dancers and street style artists.

Mr. Armstrong’s future plans include the conquest of the American audience, as his strong spirit and aspirations require a constant movement forward.



"Break it" with Dj Smash

"Who Let the Dogs out remix" with The Nycer

"Respect my authority" with Dj Roy and Maddox

"Feel the summer" with Tim Janssens - came out in 2004 and can often be heard at clubs in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, the UK, Sweden, Switzerland and Denmark, and has been in rotation on radio stations such as ID & T Radio, BBC Radio London and Radio Donna Belgium.